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Tracy Collins is a cash flow coach and founder of Collins Bookkeeping Services (now Virtual Bookkeeping Pro) who started out providing compliance bookkeeping services. She quickly realized that her clients needed more. She kept seeing business owners ask the same questions:

  • My sales are great, but I still struggle to meet payroll what am I doing wrong?
  • I have this god-awful boss that I just want to get away from and work my business full-time, but I don’t know if my business can sustain my salary.
  • I am seeing a net profit every month, but I don’t see that much money in my bank account, what is going on?

She could hear the desperation in their pleas. It was then she decided to set out to see how she could help her clients make their dreams come true. At the age of 41, she went back to school to get her degree in accounting. During that time, she quickly realized that bookkeeping and accounting, while both very important, were two very different things. Bookkeeping is the collecting of data and putting it in the correct place. Accounting was more along the lines of knowing, understand, and analyzing the numbers to help a business get to the level they want. Along with getting her accounting degree she set out to gain further knowledge to empower her clients to level up in their business.

Along her journey, Tracy has earned multiple certifications. These achievements include:

Tracy is sharing that knowledge with you!

She wants you to get out of the slump! Just going through the motions of running your business! You will feel motivated, empowered, and understand your numbers. This allows you know why you are killing it in sales, but can’t make ends meet. She wants you to quit that job you hate and work your business. That was her dream too and she made it come true.

When you partner with Virtual Bookkeeping Pro you know they are right there with you. They are in it for you and they will be your biggest cheerleaders when you reach each goal. If you are struggling to reach any goal, they will work with you to come up with a different plan to get you there. They want you to succeed but you can’t do that without knowing your numbers. They will empower you to level up!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and make it everything you dreamed it would be.

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