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Do You Need A Diagnostic Review?

YES, you do!

  • The IRS can make mistakes
  • You may have double entries
  • You may have uncategorized expenses
  • Incorrect entries can lead to purchases you cannot afford
  • Cash flow can be wrong due to expenses

Your finances are an important part of your business success.

Do you wonder if the IRS is at fault?

Sometimes they are at fauly, but other times you give them misinformation. Perhaps rour books show duplicate income or expenses, worse even; missed expensed. This will cause you to pay too much in taxes or not enough. If your business expenses are put into an uncategorized expense or a general expense category your ability to claim these on taxes will become problematic. This is because some expenses are deductible some are not. Are you sure you know the difference?


Do you wonder if your financial decisions are the problem?

If your income is duplicated in your books, you may be misinformed about how much money you actually are making. This leads to:

  • overspending
  • loans that you are not able to pay for
  • hire more employees that they can not pay.

If your expenses are not accounted for properly, it could look like you have an inflated amount of income in your books.

Erroneous numbers in your cash flow may lead you to once again overspend. If you aren’t able to measure whether or not expenses are outpacing the business income, you will continue to have issues.

How can we help you? It’s easy. Click for your Diagnostic Review!

Then we follow these three steps:

Get The Relief You Are Looking For With your Business Financials

It is important the you hire someone who specializes in bookkeeping/accounting to make sure everything is kept in tip top shape.

By hiring somebody who specializes in bookkeeping/accounting/financial coaching they will be able to catch issues quickly. Then, the errors can be fixed. Additionally, they will keep an eye out for any future issues that may be cause for concern. These include:

  • Expenses out pacing income
  • Varying expenses that may be extremely high one month
  • Plus, if there are variances, they will research why
  • Check into your income being lower one month versus the previous month
  • Those errors will be researched and suggestions given as to how to fix it

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and make it everything you dreamed it would be. Get your diagnostic review and sleep soundly again!

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